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Morgan’s Jewelers has been serving the Southern California region for over three generations.

We offer a breadth of on-site jewelry services, including jewelry repair, watch repair, and appraisal services. In addition to our traditional jewelry services, we also offer custom jewelry design services.

Aside from being a member of the American Gem Society, Morgan’s Jewelers is a certified gemologist appraiser and an accredited gem laboratory. Our seasoned appraisers have earned some of the industry’s top degrees, including Certified Gemologist and Certified Gemologist Appraiser degrees.

If you have any inquires regarding our services, please feel free to contact us today. Our knowledgeable associates are ready to answer any of your questions.

custom designs

An eye for detail, a creative mind with limitless boundaries….that is the beginning of the journey for a jewelry designer. At Morgan’s Jewelers Palos Verdes we have an exquisite selection of designs which allows our customer’s the advantage of choices.

Please come in and allow us to show you our concepts in revising your current jewelry. We design, create custom waxes, cast the metals and set your diamonds and gemstones, in house. So we watch every step of the creative process for your satisfaction.




The art of appraising doesn’t happen overnight. To be a legitimate appraiser you must be educated at the Gemological Institute of America and earn a “Graduate Gemologist “ degree. Once earned you must be in the industry and find out cost factors on all gemstones of all qualities and that can take years of experience.

To further educate yourself, the American Gem Society offers advanced programs where you can earn “Certified Gemologist and Certified Gemologist Appraiser” Degrees. This higher degree furthers the experience in evaluating the quality of material costs in fabrication and explaining in greater detail the final product in the appraisal. Having earned the Certified Gemologist Appraiser degree also allows you to have your own “Accredited Gemological Laboratory” degree. Here at Morgan’s Palos Verdes we have earned that entitlement and can handle any appraisal request you have. We do any type of appraisal ; estate liquidation value, fair-market value and current replacement value for insurance purposes. Please contact us for your special needs in this department.

For private estates we can come to your establishment for a private assessment. We do liquidate estates of any size and can work with your attorney or family members to help establish valuations.

Jewelry Repair

Repairing jewelry requires special skills and education. A jeweler must know what type of stones can take heat under repair and which can’t, so you don’t burn the stone and cause damage or ruination. We have a laser welder which keeps all metals and stones cool during the welding process so we never put the stone in jeopardy during the soldering or welding process. You have to have a creative eye so the final product looks as good as original if not better. We have experienced jewelers on the premises who can walk you through the process and quote you prices to repair your pieces.

Watch Repair

A certified watchmaker is the only person you want to work on your watch. The watchmakers that have been trained by specific companies to work on those watches have been trained to use specific oils and have specific tools to open and close the cases of the watches. The “Art of Oiling” is complex to describe and understand but it encompasses using the exact, right amount of oil in specific areas to lubricate those gears and parts exactly so the performance is not hindered. If oiling is not sufficient then the performance of the watch is compromised. The lubrication process should allow a 5 year period between servicings. Some watchmakers use generic oils and the customer’s watch will not perform well after a few years or sometimes less. That comment is pending no abnormal physical abuse which can also affect the watches performance.

Here at Morgan’s Palos Verdes, our watchmaker has been certified by Rolex Watch Company, Breitling Watch Company, certification for all swiss quartz and mechanical watches. Please come in and receive a free estimate to repair your fine timepiece.